Object Class Euclid
Animate? Yes
Harmful? Yes
SCP Link SCP-049

Description Edit

SCP-049 is a humanoid entity, roughly 1.9 meters in height, which bears the appearance of a medieval plague doctor. While SCP-049 appears to be wearing the thick robes and the ceramic mask indicative of that profession, the garments instead seem to have grown out of SCP-049's body over time, and are now nearly indistinguishable from whatever form is beneath them. X-rays indicate that despite this, SCP-049 does have a humanoid skeletal structure beneath its outer layer.

Warning: Don't let SCP-049's charm lead you to letting it "cure" you, resist and don't trust a word that comes out of his mouth, or rather beak.

Additional Information: SCP-049 created SCP-049-2.